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Over the past 4 decades I have been involved in businesses from plan administration to payroll, job costing to inventory control and bringing business processes into the 21st century.

I began in a mid-size Western Colorado town on a small family farm where I learned the values of integrity, hard work and satisfaction in a “job well done”.  I earned my bachelor of science degree at Mesa College as a non-traditional student.  That just means I wasn’t fresh out of high school.  No, I was a single mother of three pre-teenagers.  I worked hard to gain the knowledge that would allow me to support my family, and when I graduated I moved us all to Denver where there were more opportunities for employment.

It didn’t take me long to realize that computer programming simply was not what I wanted to do.  I missed the interaction with people.  I stumbled through several other jobs until I “landed” a job that would allow me to work closely with business owners and their staff, and best of all I could do this all over North America.  It was during my long trips where I found I had extra time every day that I wanted to make more productive.  So back to school, but this time an on-line education from the leader in on-line education, the University of Phoenix.  I spent 2 years earning my master’s degree in business administration.  I learned a lot during that time and enjoyed applying all that I learned as I worked with businesses, helping them transition from 20th century mindset into the 21st century.

As I spent and continue to spend my time working with businesses throughout the continent I have seen and used many of the tools that you will see recommended on this web site.  My goal is to identify the absolute best products and services that will benefit not only the businesses I personally work with but will benefit all who visit me here.  That is my goal, to make your life easier and find you the tools that will make you more efficient, productive, and yes, even happier in all areas of your business.


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