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What kind of lifestyle is a Lifestyle to Success?

I guess you would have to first define what success means.

For me it means I have earned the respect of others, I have financial freedom to go anywhere and do anything I choose at any time, and it means that I have given value to this world and to others through living my life.

Therefore being successful dictates that I must have a lifestyle that will achieve those goals.

A lifestyle that earns the respect of others?  This means I must be honest and caring of others.  I must always expand my knowledge and share that knowledge with any and every one who asks it of me or who I see can benefit from that knowledge.  It means I must present in an open manner with no hidden agenda, that others will have confidence that I care only for their well being.

A lifestyle of financial freedom?   Of course everyone believes this to be more difficult to achieve.  Funny, but I have learned (see above lifestyle) that financial freedom is limited only by what I believe.  What I believe I can accomplish, what I believe is “my share”, and what I am willing to seek.  This is often called “mindset” and is the most limiting phenomenon in our society.

A lifestyle of giving value?  This one is the most noble, the most desirable, and the most difficult.  This doesn’t mean giving money, this means giving of yourself.  I work on this daily; some days I see bigger opportunities to give of myself, some days I don’t see any.  It’s those days that are the least fulfilling and therefore I always try very, very hard to find ways I can give.

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