During recent training I was introduced to motivational speaker, JT DeBolt.  His enthusiasm and clarity made so much sense to me that I want to share them with anyone who joins me here.

JT-DeboltWho is JT DeBoltInspirational Keynote Speaker, Naval Aviator and Mission Accomplishment Expert.  JT DeBolt helps people and companies define and accomplish their missions both in business and life. When goal-setting fails, Mission Accomplishment will take your goals and dreams to a higher altitude! JT helps High-Altitude people achieve their best and reach their peak potential through his Flight Plan To Success™ strategies. JT uses his experience as a navy pilot and military leader to empower teams to operate as synergistic, cohesive and effective units. JT will help you get clarity and focus on your big missions, and show you how to use your passions to design and live the life you deserve.

Some youtube messages from JT DeBolt to get you started.

Standing Up For What You Believe In = Business Success

Overcome Procrastination, Overwhelm and Self Doubt – Episode 5 High-Altitude TV


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