A Settling Pond

There is a large pond to the east of my house.

Photo taken by author

From this I pump water into the sprinkling system that irrigates the entire property. It is fed from the Colorado River and often is laden with dense silt and clay particles from upstream rains. All of that flows into the pond where, because it slows before exiting again, it drops the sediment into the pond. The 24 foot deep pond, last year, was less than 2 feet deep. We rented a backhoe and attempted to dig out the sediment, but the pond is too far across for the backhoes reach and I was left with an island in the middle. Not so bad you would think but it is covered with cattails and while they are really cool looking, they spread and if not controlled would soon take over the pond and the end result would be a marsh. I would not be able to pump water out of that to keep the rest of the property alive.

So I planned a settling pond. I believe that if I can capture the water above the pond, slow it down enough to let the bulk of the sediment drop out, then via a rocky creek the water could flow into the large pond much cleaner. If I build my smaller pond correctly, I should be able to take a skidsteer to it every year. Much easier than cleaning the large pond.

And as an added bonus, I can also utilize some of the water out of the small pond to irrigate the new lavender maze.

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