Can I tell you about my lavender maze?

This is the one element of my garden that I’ve become obsessed with. Walking along a sweetly scented pathway, turns here and there. Around one turn I may find a beautiful bench nestled among a different colored lavender. After resting a spell I continue along the path, take another turn and find a unique garden statue at the end of this path.

My Imaginary Maze as I see it

Turn around and take the other bend where I come upon the edge of a creek or a pond. Maybe there’s a bright fish in the pond and I watch it swim lazily around.

After the pond, I stroll further along taking one turn after another, some ending nowhere. I backtrack and take the other turn until finally I reach the center where there is an arbor offering respite from the hot sun. It’s not a long journey through the maze and I can never get lost because, well, lavender plants are just not that tall!

This is the way I see my lavender maze.

It isn’t real … yet.

It remains in my imagination … for now.

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