Overheard in the garden

I spent another beautiful day in another beautiful garden. This time I drove out to Gibbs Gardens. An hour’s drive, only made one wrong turn but with GPS managed to get back on course.
There were few people in the gardens but those there were truly enjoying the day, with perhaps the exception of two women. Now I don’t like to eavesdrop but it was quiet and they were loud.
What struck me was the conversation centered around their office jobs. Now this is Sunday, we are strolling through beautiful gardens, the weather is perfect, the birds are chirping and the water is bubbling by, this should be a time to take it all in and restore our souls from the prior weeks stresses, but they brought it with them. As I heard further, one of the women had to go to the office on Saturday to take care of a problem in the business.
I believe I would much rather live the life of an online entrepreneur. Yes I too thought about my business, but the nice thing is that my business was working even over the weekend without me having to be there. It’s easy to monitor, I checked it just before setting out. And it’s easy to address any problems, from anywhere, at any time. Including in Gibbs Gardens.
And yes, I took pictures. Enjoy.



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