Change is Good

I love Atlanta, especially in the Spring.  This week I explored the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Their garden theme right now is “Imaginary Worlds”.  They’ve done amazing things with wire mesh and plants to create some of the characters from the stories we learned in our childhood that began with the words “Once upon a time …” like Rip Van Winkle and the Princess and the Dragon.

This theme brought out the child in everyone.  I overheard many parents telling the stories to their children as I wandered past a character.  And I remembered my parents reading them to me.

It was pretty warm, all in all, with a gentle breeze and lots of shade.  I took lots of pictures of course.

While walking through the edible garden I realized I had been there before.  But every other aspect of the gardens had changed and were not familiar to me.  That is what makes a place like this attract the same people and gets people to sign up for annual memberships.  A shining example of “Change is Good”.  And with change comes growth which explains a lot why the gardens didn’t all look familiar, the plants have grown!

But I saw lots of new plants, new designs, and the property is even expanding – more growth.

One of my dreams is to build these kinds of gardens around my home.   

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