What If ….

Those 2 simple words can cause stagnation and disaster.
Too often I hear people saying “what if I’d just done this or that” That is looking backwards, and while there is some value in looking back at the past and learning from it, staying in the past, wishing for a different past, benefits no one.
You think
What if I’d taken that job, or not taken it?
What if I’d stayed in school, or dropped out?
What if I’d married that person instead of this person…or never married at all?
What if I’d moved away, or stayed?
This is the destructive kind of “What If”
What If …
Have you spent much time with children? They have a unique way of using “What if”. A child’s imagination is full of “What ifs”. Pay close attention to them and you can hear creativity at work as they expand their world.
What if I was a movie star, or an astronaut, or a doctor?
What if I moved this pretend road over there?
What if I built a tall skyscraper like this?
For children, those 2 simple words charge the imagination and build a whole world of possibilities.
What if …
Those 2 simple words can open new doors for you, change your future, create miracles.
What if I just tweak this email?
What if I double my advertising?
What if I expand with images or change the headline?
What if I plant a tree here?
What if I expand the lawn to over there?
What if I add a wall here?
What if … just 2 simple words.

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