That Next Big Step

woman afraid of dark change

Sometimes I find these gems in the most obscure places.  This time it’s the regular article by the editor of the magazine, Entrepreneur.  He talks about fear.  Our fear of failing when the opportunity is there, where we are striving for or stepping into something new. It’s about our fear of failing even after we have succeeded in the past and proven that we can do it.  In our minds we think …

“What if everything thus far was luck?”

“What if it was my team, or timing, or the benefits of youth?”

“What if none of it had to do with me?”

This is self-sabotaging, succumbing to defeat even before we get started.  And let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better with age.  If anything it gets worse.  Where is the energy of youth, the optimism of youth, the dreams of youth?

And if we let it stop us, we fail.  So there it is, the simple truth.  We just don’t let it stop us.

“We’re entrepreneurs: We work with what we’ve got. Sometimes it’s a lucky break. Sometimes it’s not.  The important thing is that we keep moving forward and know that because we took one big step forward, and we didn’t fall down, we will stay standing when we take that next step, too.” 

–        Jason Feifer, editor of Entrepreneur magazine

I love finding these gems.  There are so many inspirational people out there that occasionally put some “epiphanic” words to paper (or voice) and share them with the rest of us – I thank them all.

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